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I believe in the power of internet storytelling. I balance multimedia production with a passion for research. Full bio.


Tom Bunting is a journalist focused on covering the media and politics through stories and analysis created in a variety of multimedia formats. He's a recent alumni of Emerson College, where he graduated with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Political Communications.

Tom was previously an Investigative Intern at NBC Boston, where he assisted with researching and reporting stories for the Emmy-award winning Investigative Unit. Before that, he was a Public Affairs Intern at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, helping create multimedia social media and briefing research material for the world's largest economic policy intergovernmental organization.

At Emerson, Tom was the News Director of Emerson Independent Video, the nation's largest student-run production company. At EIV, he led the expansion of, helping build it into Emerson's biggest home for national news coverage. He produced the organization's coverage of the 2017 Inauguration and led the production team for EIV News Presents: The 2016 Election, a live four-hour in-studio television special covering the 2016 Election with live reporting from four states. Last year, he was an Executive Producer, writer, and editor on EIV News Presents: The Boston Marathon Bombings: Five Years Later, an award-winning documentary that aired on local television channels across New England. He's also spent a semester producing the network's flagship live weekly national newscast and was the Politics Editor of EIV

As a freelance web designer and multimedia specialist, Tom has helped organizations and individuals define their messaging strategy, create multimedia content to support their goals, and successfully launch numerous websites and multimedia initiatives. He is a freelance reporter for a variety of outlets and blogs about the media and politics at Video Loss.

Video Production


Web/Social Media


Broadcast Journalism


How Craigslist (Helped) Kill The Newspaper

Producer, Host, Animation

- Conceptualized, designed, and animated all motion graphics using Adobe After Effects, Premiere, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

- Wrote and research script.

- Recorded and produced VO script.

- Shot additional b-roll.


Gabapentin: The New Killer on The Streets

Producer, Writer, Editor
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- Worked with Investigative Team to conceptualize, write, and produce a series of web extras accompanying a major investigative report.

- Coordinated with station management and editors to ensure consistency with overall NBC News visual style.

- Edited using Adobe Premiere using self-logged footage.

OECD: Stat of the Week


- Drove production on video version of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's popular Stat of the Week social media segment.

- Used OECD research to write and produce segment.

- Developed Adobe Spark workflow that could be used by staff without video editing experience to produce future segments.

Jon Bunting: The Life of a Musician


- Shot, edited, and produced social media segment for musician Jon Bunting

- Worked with Jon to develop tone and style.

Reporting & Commentary

Web Design

Video Loss 2019 Redesign

  • Custom CMS-based blog with variable post templates.
  • Custom magazine-style longform templates
  • Support for interactive data journalism and immersive video experiences.
  • Compatible with RSS, social media, and all modern web standards. Fully responsive.

Crisis in our Backyards

  • Fully original design for a multimedia package told across multiple mediums.
  • Built immersive multimedia experiences including interactive timeline.
  • Custom article page designs for interviews and longform.
  • Built on Webflow, with additional design work created in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and InDesign.

We're Nervous

  • Custom landing page for limited-series podcast.
  • Includes links for distribution on all major podcast services..
  • Built on Webflow, podcast produced using Adobe Creative Suite, distributed on RSS, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher..

It's Friday and my Brother is Dying

  • Fully original design for a longform magazine style article.
  • Readability-focused photography and typography.
  • Format-specific features including intellegent progress bar and call to action.



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