May 8, 2019 14:31

Things may be looking up for The Outline!

Joshua Topolsky’s The Outline is hiring staff writers and editorial fellows.

This is notable because the last time The Outline was in the news was when it laid off all of its staff writers a few weeks ago. That announcement triggered a freelancer boycottand a number of articles questioning the outlet’s longterm sustainability.

On top of that, The Outline is closing out a rough second year, one that also saw it parting ways with an Executive Editor, a Power Editor,  more staff writers, a Chief Revenue Officer, the head of podcasts, and the entire video team.

But maybe things are getting better at the millennial’s New Yorker?

It’s important to note that these listings appear to be for some kind of special project, one focused on technology. (Which makes sense, considering Topolsky is perhaps best known for co-founding and serving at the first EIC at The Verge.)

I started off as a huge fan of The Outline. Topolsky’s work on The Verge is underrated for how influential it is for online media and I really enjoyed the audacity of what The Outline was trying to do. Things have definitely slowed down in the months since, as the ambition faded in the wake of cutbacks. I find myself checking it less often nowadays. Still, it’s an interesting project and I hope they manage to turn it around.

Things may be looking up for The Outline!