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Jun 19, 2019 0:36
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Hahahaha Go Fuck Yourself, Steve Cortes

I tried to be a Good Media Commentator and watch CNN Political Commentator Steve Cortes’s most recent CNN appearance with a clear mind and an open notepad. That lasted about one minute and fifty-five seconds, the time it took Cortes, best known as Donald Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council, to call on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to resign for the crime of insulting our immoral border security system.

This is all connected to yet another invented conterversy by the disengious perpetually-outraged babies that make up the conservative media class. I won’t dwell on it because we did this just yesterday, but here goes: Ocasio-Cortez called the immigration dentention centers on the southern border “concentration camps” (a recognized definition of these centers) and said “never again means something”, a potential reference to the Holocaust but also possibly a reference to the Japanese internment camps that these facilities sometimes operate in, the trail of tears, slavery, the Chinese Exlusion Acts, or any number of fresh horrors in America’s history towards non-whites.

To Cortes, the use of historical imagery is just too mean. “She also demeans the current American citizens, many of whom are Hispanic, who do the very hard and dangerous work of defending our borders,” Cortes sputtered to Chris Cuomo, “she equated them-by association-to Nazi SSS guards. That is disgraceful, AOC should apologize at the least, and she should probably resign.”

“Disgusting subhuman shit unworthy of kindling for a fire.” “Mindless murdering savages.” These are the ways that ex-border patrol agent Matthew Bowen described the people seeking asylum on the southern border to his co-workers, documents in a recent lawsuit show according to Rolling Stone. Cortes, the shivering, evasive sack of shit he is, may call this cherry-picking, but Bowen's mentality is by all indications core to the immigration system’s mission along the southern border. It’s an apparatus that lets twenty-four innocent people die in two years, deprives children and transgendered people alike from medical care, that separates children from families as a means of deterrence. You can’t separate the cruelty from the mission of our border security; deterrence begets it.

Perhaps there is an analytical weakness in AOC’s supposed equiviliation between our immigration enforcement and the SS; the latter existed to purge a nation of those deemed subhuman, the former attempts to hold the “subhuman” from entering. These are similar, yet distinct forms of evil. Yet they are both, undeniably, evil.

Cortes, a Coward and Idiot, is either too stupid or too evil to care about obvious truth. And so, this becomes yet another attack against one of the few American politicians willing to call a spade a spade. Shut up, moron.

Hahahaha Go Fuck Yourself, Steve Cortes